Bennett Freeze compact violates rights

Navajo Times
August 3, 2006

A formal gesture of the Navajo Nation president introduced a contract that has been in motion for the past two years without the knowledge of the Navajo people.

It is without confidence that the contract, titled "intergovernmental compact," assures the heavy controversial lands of Bennett Freeze to be lifted.

It amazes me how unethical our president can be without informing the public of his intentions. We have council delegates who are supporters of this contract and I hope they understand what they are supporting is yet another intrusion of promises that is not welcomed.

The scandalous actions of the Navajo Nation president demonstrates betrayal, disloyalty, weakness, and lack of compassion; for our president has shown a great initiation to promote a contract that will eradicate all rights of victims of the horrible descriptions of the Bennett Freeze lands.

People who are affected from such dramatic circumstances deserve their voices to be heard because they are still experiencing the harsh realities of the controversial land issues between the Hopi and Navajo tribes.

It is not fair for this contract to be hidden behind closed doors, when if at all should be legitimate, then the Navajo pep ole should have been informed since the birth of the negotiations.

I truly believe money again is the motivation, which leads to greed and that is exactly how you would describe such leaders of the Navajo Nation.

The U.S. government and the Hopi Tribe came together to undermine the Navajo Nation and we have our Navajo leaders gullible to accept the contract in hopes the Bennett Freeze will be lifted.

The Bennett Freeze will not be listed because it clearly states the Hopi Tribe will continue to restrict areas, will require once again the Navajos be relocated, will require to collect monetary damages back to 1966, meaning a huge portion of the money promised to the Navajo Nation belongs to the Hopi Tribe and, last but let me note, that religious practices of the Navajo Nation will be limited restrictively.

Conclusions of the contract will still impose the controversial lands to be continuously frozen since this hole intergovernmental compact is not at all equal.

I am sad and embarrassed that the supporters of this contract is allowing to proceed an effort by informing the public that Bennett Freeze lands will be lifted without properly addressing the issue step by step.

Without proper education, mistakes are prone to be made and we, the Navajo Nation, will look like fools when the Hopi Tribe collects their promise of a fruitful future when the Navajo Nation continues to struggle the consequences of the Bennett Freeze lands.

This intergovernmental contract is unfortunately one of the greatest insults to the history of the Navajo Nation government, culture and sovereignty.

Kee Jackson Jr.
Tuba City, Ariz.




Reprinted as an historical reference document under the Fair Use doctrine of international copyright law.