Statement by Roberta Blackgoat, Navajo Elder, November 2001


I've been traveling all over the world and everywhere I find the same thing. Our mother earth is like a human. It is as if she is getting a lot of surgeries everywhere and the dust is going out and getting in our lungs. It causes the cancer and these kinds of sickness. Our youngsters are being sent overseas and being used for their language and to kill people for Washington. Besides, we are not even recognized as humans. We need to be known.

The most important thing that we've been mentioning in this area is that here is the Altar, that was given to us by the Holy People, and that the 4 Sacred Mountains that we Dine live here between are like a hogan, and where we live on Black Mesa is the Altar. And it is right here that they're mining our mother earth's liver, the coal. So we are struggling here to protect our Altar these days. That was the law that was made for dine people. 

We're not doing it only for the present human beings now. We're looking forward and on and on for generations to come so they can make a good life for themselves on the planet. We want to stop these pollutions so our young ones can live in a healthy way after us. That's how the prayer and the holy songs have been set--that's our path, for a healthy way of life.


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