Photos and Comments
by Carina Gustafsson, Director
SENAA Sweden


ARRIVAL at Arlanda Airport Stockholm. We greet Roberta in utmost joy and happiness, and also gratefulness, for her safe arrival. Carina , Eva Goes and Eva Egelmyhr. 


Above: Roberta recieves standing ovations at the Green congress in Luleċ. more than 600 people stood up in respect of this wonderful GrandMother and honored her with a long appleaud. She looks happy, doesnt she?


Above: Jonas Krċik of the southern Sammis and Roberta Blackgoat Dineh matriarch of Big Mountain talking about their situations.


Above: Anita ,Roberta and Eva, by a beautiful lake up north. Anita gifted Roberta a beautiful homemade knitted sweater and a shawl that she is wearing.


Above: In Sundsvall - protest against a planned road construction that should have destroyed a 2000-year old burial site.They changed their plans, so this was a successful protest!


Above: Roberta reading an article from the spokesman of the HTC. She was upset over  this article, so she went and talked to this spokesperson before heading out to Sweden.


Above: Roberta Blackgoat, Lotta Nilsson-Hedstrom , and Olof T Johansson ( southern Sammis) at the Green congress in Luleċ, (VIP table)


 Above: Roberta among the children in a school that she visited. The kids just loved her!


Above: Eva Egelmyhr is knitting a sweater for Roberta. We are just sitting and watching her work


Above: Luleċ - open house! Roberta recieved a necklace by the Mayor in Luleċ-The keys to the city.

Lots of nice people asked questions and listened to Roberta. Many showed their compassion.

Above: Roberta, Jonas and Eva in a house in southern Sammi country. The house is entirely ecologically built.



Photos provided by Carina Gustafsson. Used with permission.
Thank you, Carina!