Part 1

by Eva Goes


Dear friends,
I will tell you a little about Roberta's program. The first day she rest but on Saturday she met TV for a documentary program by Annika Dopping.
Roberta being interviewed for Swedish TV

One of the biggest newspapers, Expressen, made an article. The same paper was on Big Mountain last year when I visited a meeting in Hard Rock, where the non-signers and signers met for the first time in 4 years and made their testimonies.

I sent a videotape from that meeting with Roberta.

On Sunday we had moved 500 km to the northwest by train for meeting Saami friends in Jamtland. Roberta was freezing in the cold but not in the pleasant company of her new friends.

I would like to show the magnificent articles they made in two papers. We visited a tipi in a Saami village and talked about both Big Mountain but also about similar problems in Sweden. The reindeers have no chance to get food on their original land because of the tourists ski slopes in Åre!

When we went to the village Njarka, it was snowing!

In the evening a whole Saami family visited us at Ruth Paasche´s home where we stayed in her ecological house.

The day afterwards we had a visit by the traditional Saami, Jonas Kråik, Tjallingen,

Jonas, Roberta, and Eva
and after many hours dialogue, we went 70 km to his reindeer land up among the mountains.


Roberta loved the animals but was frozen.

Roberta also saw a wonderful waterfall called Ristafallet, close to Ruth's home. Marvelous this time of the year! She has got her own photos of it.

After the two days in the west close to Norway, we went by train to the coast. There I "captured" the Foreign Minister when she had her speech on a Forum in Sundsvall in the Cultural (Tone) Hall.

As Anna Lindh was in a hurry for a trip to China in the afternoon, we did not get a long talk but I forwarded some papers about Big Mountain (something to read on her trip).

After lunch we made a manifestation against a highway through a sacred old land south of Sundsvall. Media was really engaged!

A bad picture but there were two papers and TV. We are sitting inside the ruin.

In the night we slept!

Next morning I invited the local paper from my town and they made a nice article.
This photo was taken by Gunnar Stattin in Härnösand, Tidningen Ångermanland.


I will finish here for today! Peace and love!









Norman Benally wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Roberta just got back into Phoenix, AZ.  She is in good spirits and getting
ready for bed here at my place in Phoenix.  She will have a late dinner and
will be leaving in the morning after breakfast to return to her sheep at
BM, so she should be back at her house by afternoon.

Thanks you all very much for making her trip to Europe a success.  I very
much appreciate you all for everything for making it possible.


Norman B.




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