Part 2

by Eva Goes



Roberta and I went by my car further North on Wednesday the 23rd of May. To make the trip pleasant, we had some picnics on the way. We stayed over night in Umeċ at my sisters.
Before we arrived to my sister's nice food and warm hospitality, we went to the Swedish Radio and made a program for half an hour. Roberta was really in a very good mood and made a professional performance!

The program was sent direct but they also talked about revising and reusing it for a program called Freja, a program about women.

We arrived to Luleċ and the Green´s congress after a tough ride through wet snow, slush and pouring rain. When Roberta and I met all people, the sun was there again.
The ceremony started with a speech of one of the spokespersons, Matz, and he finished his speech by an introduction and welcome for Roberta. The whole audience gave her an ovation.



Saami seminar
On Friday it was a Saami seminar about the rights of the indigenous people. A provocative journalist made the listeners very upset. Olof Johansson, a saami, and the Green´s delegate in a commission containing of all Swedish parties about this issue, however made a very good introduction and summary.


At Green Forum´s table - Roberta with the green saamis, Henry Svonna and Olof T. Johansson

During the congress, 24-27 May, we had a table where we presented Big Mountain and people could sign the petition we had made according to Roberta's will. We got hundreds of signatures!


Roberta made two speeches on the congress.

During the evening there was a party with a colourful contribution to the indigenous people. An Inuit made a mask dance and Saamis were yoiking.


We also made a fund raising and we almost got $900.

Later on I succeeded to sell Roberta´s nice rug, you can see behind the mask dancer, to my County council at home. Patients at the hospital in Ornskoldsvik will recover, thanks to the wonderful woven rug.




On Saturday Roberta had an Open house meeting in the City hall of Luleċ. The Mayor wished her welcome and handed over the keys of Luleċ - a piece of jewelry!

It was a successful meeting and one saami woman in the audience accompanied us to the congress afterwards for exchanging experiences about indigenous people. In the afternoon the Saami radio made a program with Roberta.


On Sunday we went to the High Coast and Roberta was the main person when a Saami Culture Route was opened.

Roberta has got some photos of her and Sonia Larsson Popa and another saami woman from Soderhamn.
As it was very cold, we went to Mannaminne afterwards for a cup of tea.
Mannaminne is a museum of different houses from all over the world and with the specific culture of countries. Anders Aberg is the artist working with woodwork. He is a famous artist in Sweden. He was interested in doing something for Big Mountain as well!


Next day we visited a class and they were enormous spontaneous and put a lot of questions to Roberta. They wanted to correspond with children from Big Mountain.
Class 5, Bondsjohojdens skola, Harnosand. Please, do it!

With the children I stop for this time. They are the future!

Walk in beauty!