Part 3

by Eva Goes


On Monday after the visit to the class, we met the purchaser of the County Council and sold Roberta´s rug. We will call it: Prayer from Big Mountain

In the evening we went 55 km to Sundsvall and had an Open house in the Cultural part of the Library (in an old storehouse).




My daughter Ellinor sang a song she has made herself called: Mother Earth


Next morning we went 450 km by train to Stockholm


When we arrived to Stockholm, we walked to the Foreign Ministry and met the head of American affairs, Staffan Wrigstad.

In the evening Saami people, Buddhist nuns and people concerning about the Swedish old mythology, old Norse, had a drum ceremony for Roberta in the bosom of Nature to strengthen her and her struggle for Big Mountain and Mother Earth.

Next morning we met Members of the Parliament and asked them for more help concerning Big Mountain.

In the evening there was a ceremony for Big Mountain at a Pagoda place 70 km outside Stockholm.

Next morning Roberta left Sweden but she remains in our sins and hearts!

P.S: I forgot to tell that she also visited my son Kåre in Luleå and had pancakes and ice cream,  which she obviously loves! (I have six children; and she met three of them, my husband and my sister, her husband and one of their children, and of course 5-600 persons on the congress and all media.)


This was the welcome at Arlanda airport! Roberta, Carina and Eva


Roberta stayed three nights at my son's place


My son Jens, Åsa, Carina and Roberta looking at TV


Roberta got a cardigan and a sjal from my friend Anita - to the right
At home on the grass with a view over the
South Sound 
Eva, Roberta and Anita



In our big greenhouse
where we work with aqua culture
Early Monday morning in my daughter Ana's room. See Ruth Benally's rug on the wall.



Roberta also met the President of the Town Council in Harnosand, Ingvar Wiklund on the top of the monutain Roberta met Joakim Drejare, a greenpartist and Head of the Committee of Health and Environment, Harnosand