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I will inform about Roberta Blackgoat's journey to Sweden. It was very successful!

She met at least 15 media and had meetings, open house meetings, and met people all over the Northern Sweden (about 700 persons). She had speeches on the Green Party´s congress.

She also had a very short but direct contact with the Foreign Minister and a week later a deep interview at the Swedish Foreign  Ministry. They will make a report. Even MPs were informed about Big Mountain.

Eva Goes

Editor's Note: This is just a preview to the articles by Eva Goes and Carina Gustafsson (SENAA Sweden Director) that will appear here, on SENAA Sweden online. Look for links to the upcoming articles on all of SENAA International's web sites.

SENAA International is grateful to all of the organizations in Sweden who are helping Dine'h at Black Mesa and all indigenous people. We are also grateful to the Swedish Parliament and the Swedish Foreign Ministry for their interest and involvement in these issues.

We also send our best wishes, respect, and friendship to the Sammi, Sweden's Indigenous People.

Al Swilling, Founder, SENAA International 


Photos by Eva Goes
22 May - a short meeting with
the Foreign Minister Anna Lindh
Happy, but cold!



 KG Biörsmark, a Member of Parliament, with Roberta Blackgoat


Staffan Wrigstad and two in his staff at his office in the Foreign Ministry



Meeting with an innuit
on the Green´s congress in Luleå



At the congress, the spokesperson Lotta Nilsson Hedström and the Sami  and new member of the Green´s board, Olof T Johansson



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