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Roberta Blackgoat in front of her house at Thin Rock Mesa.
   Photographer unknown.
DaveRoberta3B.jpg (43929 bytes)
Roberta with Dave, a SENAA member who helped Roberta for the last year of her earthly walk, in front of Roberta's home.
   Photographer: see next photo credit.
DaveRoberta.jpg (79222 bytes)
A better view of the front of Roberta's home. Dave mailed this photo to SENAA's founder. The photographer, is unknown. His shadow will have to serve as his byline.
RBhomesite120.jpg (176404 bytes)
End View of Roberta's house.
  Photo by Mignonne
RBHogan120.jpg (205239 bytes)
Roberta's Hogan (female), about 60 yards from her house.
  Photo by Mignonne
ArleneRoberta2.jpg (48265 bytes)
Arlene Hamilton-Benally (L.) and Roberta Blackgoat
Dear friends for life.
  Photographer unknown


RBOven2-120.jpg (54107 bytes)
Roberta Blackgoat's outside oven.
 Photo by Mignonne 


RBoven120.jpg (245018 bytes)
    Outside oven from a slightly different angle to better show inside.
  Photo by Mignonne


blackgoat.jpg (37877 bytes)
Roberta Blackgoat, Dineh Warrior and Freedom Fighter.
Photographer Unknown
RobertaBlackgoatM1.jpg (34993 bytes)
    Roberta Blackgoat
another portrait
  Photo provided by Uncle Jake
RB-SDNsign-120.jpg (50839 bytes)
Roberta was the original Chair of the original Sovereign Dineh Nation (SDN).
Photo by Mignonne
SueCreatorSign-120.jpg (56329 bytes)
    The sign reads:
"If you want me to move,
first you must
It is poised here for the viewing pleasure of the frequent low- flying observation aircraft of the unmarked black variety.
Photo by Mignonne
RobertaBlackgoatnew.jpg (12801 bytes)
Roberta Blackgoat as she appeared the last time we saw her; except for Dave, who saw her daily.
Photo by Mignonne
Roberta-Al.jpg (101552 bytes)
Roberta Blackgoat and SENAA Founder Al Swilling, organizers of the original Worldwide Prayer Gathering.
Photo by Mignonne
robertaeviction.gif (73008 bytes)
Roberta Blackgoat's
Eviction Notice. 
It was never enforced.
Scanned Document
from Mauro de Oliviera's old Web site.


vfh13pix3.jpg (22022 bytes)
Roberta Blackgoat is posed here in front of a drawing of Hogan plans that show how the Hogan is a microcosm of Dinetah, the Dine'h homeland that lies between the Sacred Mountains.
Photographer unknown
RobertaWMatt2.JPG (91624 bytes)
Roberta with former SENAA West Director Matt Davison. Matt, a Veteran, works with an organization that helps homeless and incarcerated Vietnam Veterans in California.
Photo by Mignonne
vfh13pix1.jpg (23021 bytes)
    The symbolism here is obvious and dramatic.
Photo by Uncle Jake
RobertaBW.jpg (31769 bytes)
    Does this photo really need a caption?
Photographer Unknown
RobertaLetter.jpg (337488 bytes)
This letter from Roberta was in reply to SENAA's suggestion to hold a Worldwide Prayer Gathering. She also requested that SENAA help her raise the funds to go to D.C. to hand deliver her petition to Congress
Scan by Al Swilling
"Powerful" is the operative word here. (For those who do not know, the upside-down American flag is the International sign of distress. You will see that symbol often in matters of human rights violations against Indigenous Americans.) Roberta Blackgoat is the one in the left foreground holding her famous–and prophetic–sign.
Photographer unknown.


When we last saw Roberta Blackgoat's loom, she was working on a weaving like this one. Maybe it was this one, which is seen here in a photo taken in Sweden a few months later.
Photo by Eva Goes


This button was designed and created by SENAA's founder Al Swilling after learning of Roberta Blackgoat's passing. The image of Roberta was taken by a Swedish news photographer and furnished, with permission, by SENAA Sweden. The frame format was added to the photo by Al Swilling.