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The opening statements of SENAA West councilman and former director Matt Davison, and that of present-day director Sara Hayes have been included in this series for a reason other than redundancy. 

In Matt's case, his words were written in 1999 before the BIA-Peabody planned "final solution" deadline of February 2000, when the BIA and BIA-Peabody-owned Hopi Tribal Council (aka "Hopi Tribe") vowed that Dine'h still residing within the Bennett Freeze area would be forcibly removed from their homes "by any means necessary...." Though written in 1999, Matt's words are as fitting today as the day they were written.

When Matt's work with homeless and incarcerated Vietnam Veterans became so demanding that he felt unable to properly perform the duties of SENAA West, and since his work with Veterans is his livelihood and passion, Matt wisely chose Sara Hayes to replace him as director of the SENAA West Division. Matt is still active in SENAA West, serving an honored place as Councilman, advisor, and warrior. 

In Sara's case, her opening statement not only conveys her dedication and sincerity, it reflects also the dedication and sincerity of every member of SENAA International. Her statement, like Matt's, is one that is as timely today as it was when it was written. Sara is a teacher in Southern California, a mother, and is as dedicated to her child and the children in her classroom as she is to the causes to which SENAA International is dedicated.

These statements and the resources of SENAA International we now rededicate to the memory of Roberta Blackgoat and the Dine'h resistance that inspired them. It has been with Roberta Blackgoat's guidance and with no less determination that SENAA International has entered into this battle against the Beast In America for the preservation of all Indigenous American cultures, life ways, human rights, and spiritual freedom.

The battle of the Dine'h resistance is the battle of every Indigenous American and First Nation. The outcome will potentially affect everyone within U.S. borders. For that reason, we cannot allow the Beast In America and the Destroyer Of the Indigenous to prevail against the Dineh resistance.

Al Swilling, Founder
SENAA International
18 MAY 2004


is the Western Door of SENAA International
The philosophy of SENAA West reflects that of SENAA International,
SENAA Europe, SENAA Sweden
and all SENAA Divisions and Chapters.

For those wishing to monitor a "subversive" site, you are barking up the wrong tree. I suggest you type in "Military Industrial Complex" and hit the search button. SENAA West is dedicated to those who have no voice, especially the First People of this nation, who are still under attack by the culture of fear and greed.

We are here to support and defend the human rights of indigenous peoples, such as the Dine'h of Black Mesa, Arizona. We are here to help bring an end to the genocide against these mostly elder women, by agents of the U.S. government (Bureau of Indian Affairs), by big mining interests (Peabody Coal), and by puppet tribal councils (Hopi Tribal Council). We are here to stop the confiscation of livestock, the capping of water wells, the bulldozing of Ceremonial Hogans, the stressful low flyovers of military aircraft, the physical abuse against grandmothers, the bands of heavily armed goons swarming over these sacred grounds and terrorizing innocent sheepherders.

We will speak out against the genocide of Dine'h elders. We will bring and distribute food to these elders. And with the government's "final solution" comes in February of 2000, we will stand with the Dine'h against "The Beast." We are not afraid. The Creator stands with us.

Those who believe as we do...as the signers of the Constitution did, that there must be justice, freedom and human rights for ALL Americans, are welcome to stand with us and with those who are denied these basic standards. Last month, SENAA International held a two-day Prayer Vigil around the world, on behalf of our Dine'h relatives. A photo diary of this event is on this site. We will continue bringing awareness to an uninformed nation, taking the place of a muzzled press that lies in bed with big business. We will pray, demonstrate, march, witness and tell the story that the system does not want told. We will be everywhere at once, on the streets; on the web; on the land; in front of embassy's; in Parliament; on alternative media sources; and in the face of those who look away from genocide with a nod and a wink.

Those Dine'h who remain upon their ancestral land, will not be shipped with the others to Chambers, Arizona, site of the State's largest nuclear waste spill. They will not be dragged into that toxic soup to suffer the disease and illness suffered by their predecessors. SENAA and its alliances will see to it. There is much to be done and not a lot of time to do it in. If you want to help us in our struggle to provide justice, freedom and human rights to the Dine'h elders and other First Americans, let us know. Pilamaya yelo waste'

Mitakuye Oyasin!

Matt Davison, Division Director (retired)
November 1999



Over the past several months I have thought about what I could add to the words of my partner, Matt Davison, and found that there is little else which can be. After much consternation, it became exceedingly obvious that not much has changed. 

With the passage into the new millennium the problems facing the Dine’h and other indigenous peoples still continue in the guise of progress as the shadow of the Beast continues to hover. The “final solution” threatened by the Hopi Tribal Council did not come to pass as of yet. But their workings continue with such unconscionable actions as the arrest of the Grandmothers at Sun Dance, the total destruction of the sacred Sun Dance grounds at Camp Anna Mae, and the arrest of a youth whose only crime was recording this desecration on film, if that is indeed a crime. So, we continue to stand strong along side them as always. A threat toward them is a threat towards all of us.

The Dine’h have the right to remain on their ancestral lands in Arizona as well as the right to be treated justly as everyone else. The tie to the land is strong. No government or politician has the right to tell anyone what is and what is not their land. For those who do not understand this, let me try to make it a little clearer. The land becomes a part of a person and who that person is, for it courses through the blood. The two are inseparable. Such is the case for the Dine’h.

Now, in 2002, this Web site is a portal to current information related to the Dine’h and other indigenous peoples whose human rights are constantly threatened. It is a site for learning, and it is, as my partner has said so eloquently, a site for those with a like mindset as ours. We are here so that the best-kept secret is no secret anymore.

Walk in beauty!

Sara Hayes
Co-Director, SENAA West
06 January 2002



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