( Kuraiyama - Tokyo, JAPAN to Big Mountain, Arizona U.S.A.)

(Flagstaff, Arizona to Big Mountain, Dineh Nation)



Date: Wed, 12 Jan 00 14:41PM EST
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Subject: OFFICIAL WALK SCHEDULE & info.....

Greetings Supporters,

Just like to mention a few things that come to mind. Free accommodation in Flagstaff doesn't exist, and due to the mobilization 2000 for Big Mtn. BMIS is very short-handed. So please be prepared to rent a motel room ($22 on up) or inquire about youth hostels (approx.$15). Also, we are, unbelievably, transportationless after all the networking that has been going in the last five years. [I guess lawyers have taking all the contributions.] However, we expect at least a couple of support vechicles for the walk to carrying personal gear, cooking supplies and walkers wishing to rest.

I must urge everyone wishing to join to be prepared for outdoor camping in one of the most remote regions in the US, Black Mesa. The weather has been usually mild but that doesn't mean we will not have a surprise snow blizzard. Those expecting to be on the Mountain/Mesa on February 2nd and 3rd need to serious make their departure schedule at least two days pass those dates. This because of sudden changes in weather.

Thank you for continued support and prayers.

In the Spirit of Chief Barboncito, Bahe



START: January 27, 2000 (Thursday) from the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona, Sunrise Ceremony at the White Vulcan Pumice Mine site on the southeastern slopes of the San Francisco Peaks. Walk will proceed down a Forest Service Road to U.S. Highway 89 North.

FINISH: February 2, 2000 (Wednesday) at the Heart of the Big Mountain/Black Mesa Area

This is a Prayer Walk: NO Alcohol, NO Drugs, NO Weapons, nor any expression of Violence.


Jan. 27th, (Thur.) Walk will stop at Antelope Hills on Hwy. 89N, and there will be an overnight stay at the Cameron Chapter House on the Navajo Reservation.

Jan. 28th, (Fri.) Reception and another stay at the Cameron Chapter House along Hwy. 89N.

Jan. 29th, (Sat.) Walk will proceed north on Hwy. 89, and continues onto U.S. Highway. 160 east. Reception and overnight stay at the Tuba City Chapter House in Tuba City, Arizona.

Jan. 30th, (Sun.) Overnight stay at the Red Lake Chapter House along Hwy. 160.

Jan. 31st, (Mon.) Walk reaches Black Mesa and enters the Peabody Coal Mining lease area. Walk leaves Hwy. 160 and continues onto Route 41 towards the Upper Big Mountain Ridge. Outdoor camping is possible at this point.

Feb. 1st, (Tue.) Walk arrives at the Cactus Valley Community in northern Big Mountain area. Outdoor camping and accommodation per local residents.

Feb. 2nd, (Wed.) Walk reaches its final destination at the Heart of Big Mountain/Black Mesa Area.

Prayer Offerings and Pipe Ceremony will be held with the traditional Dineh and Hopis who are in opposition to relocation and coal mining on Black Mesa.




  • To pray and walk in solidarity with the Dineh and Hopi people, Japanese
    Supporters, other International and American Supporters so that, Peace and
    Truth can prevail in order to "Save Black Mesa" from environmental and
    cultural devastation, and

  • To bring about a greater awareness about how the threats against the
    Human and Aboriginal Rights of the Big Mountain Dineh can be an example of
    the final annihilation of all Indigenous peoples in America, and

  • To stand in solidarity with the traditional Dineh Elders who are in
    resistance to genocide and the final eviction deadline scheduled for
    February 1st, 2000


NOTE: Walkers' Camp and stay will be indicated by four-colored cloth streamers. ALL WALKERS/ RUNNERS WELCOME!! Please, be prepared for outdoor camping and walking in winter weather.

FOR MORE INFO: E-mail, Bahe, at: iindon49@hotmail.com, or call Diana in the evenings at 520-779-1496.



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