This gallery represents only a few of the Dine'h residing at Black Mesa. It is designed to acquaint SENAA visitors with the people who are now struggling to remain on their homeland.

If you have photos of other resistors not pictured here that you are willing to donate for use in this gallery, we welcome your submissions. Please only send scanned or electronic images in GIF or JPG formats. Submit images, along with the name of the person pictured, name of the photographer, and copyright information, via e-mail to:

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Roberta Blackgoat Bahe Rena Babbitt Lane
Mae Shay Weaving Shea & Sherry Benally Ella & Anna Begay
Kathrine Smith's Rifle Katherine Smith Mae & Elsie Shay
Elvira Horseherder, Matt, and Ruth Benally Matt Davison & Leonard Benally John B 2.jpg (98032 bytes)
BenallyChildren.jpg (15784 bytes)
Amor at Glenna Begay's Hogan
Rena Babbitt Lane after encounter with BIA
Mae Shay at Earth Day in L.A. vfh12pix1.jpg (15382 bytes) Maesherd.jpg (32414 bytes)
Horses impounded by the BIA
banner2.jpg (6901 bytes) oldman2.jpg (30615 bytes)
NavajoBanner.jpg (174339 bytes) BoPeep. BIA surveillance photo


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