Roberta Blackgoat

Photo Courtesy of Eva Goes, Sweden
Photographer: Gunnar Stattin
Tidningen ┼ngermanland Newspaper
Framed by Al Swilling, SENAA Int'l.
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This is not an obituary to announce a death
but a tribute to honor a life


At 7:42 p.m., Pacific Time, 23 April 2002, at the age of 84, Dine'h warrior, matriarch, and resister Roberta Blackgoat passed away while in San Francisco, California.

This page is not an obituary to announce Roberta Blackgoat's death but a tribute to honor her life. The death of our earthly bodies does not mark the end of our lives. Our earthly lives are simply the gestation periods of our spirits. It is here, in this life, that our spirits grow and develop into entities suitable for life on the spiritual plane. it is an initiation process that prepares us for life in Creator's presence, just as the caterpillar's life prepares it for its life as a butterfly. As the caterpillar must shroud itself in its cocoon in order to experience its transformation, the grave is the chrysalis that we all must enter, whereby we are transformed and the spiritual being within can emerge, spread its wings, and be truly free of earthly confines. Roberta has moved on. And if the analogy continues into the spiritual dimension, Roberta Blackgoat is surely among the most beautiful of spiritual beings.

Whether you knew Roberta Blackgoat intimately or from photos of her and the articles that have been written about her, you will certainly agree that Roberta Blackgoat was a powerful warrior who put Creator's will and her people's welfare first as she continued to walk the path that Creator had prepared for her. Indeed, her passionate campaign for freedom and justice was her path, in addition to caring for her sheep and the land that Creator entrusted to her care.

The SENAA International family mourns the loss of this beautiful human being whose life will continue to serve as an example to us and to those who will come after us. We realize that words cannot do justice to Roberta Blackgoat or her accomplishments. Rather, it is our hope to express, by the presentation of this humble Memorial Page, our love and deep gratitude for the valuable lessons and shining example that Roberta gave to us as she lived her life in service to Creator and her people. 

We also offer a tribute to Roberta Blackgoat's life and accomplishments through the SENAA International and Uncle Jake's Hogan View Web pages, as well as other Web sites. We believe that her own words, her work, and the lives she touched are the best tribute of all to this extraordinary woman and fearless warrior.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Roberta's wonderful family, her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We pray that Creator will grant them the strength necessary to continue with their lives.

Our hearts and prayers also go out to Dine'h supporters, all of whom dearly loved Roberta and were loved by her. To you, and to us, Roberta Blackgoat was a spiritual relative and a mentor. We know that losing a spiritual relative is as heartbreaking as losing a blood relative. Our hearts and prayers for strength go out to you, as well. In turn, we ask for your prayers that SENAA as an organization and we as individuals will be granted the strength and courage to follow Roberta Blackgoat's example and follow Creator's guidance as she did. 

To gain perspective on the work, feelings, and philosophy of Roberta Blackgoat, complete with photos, articles, and voice recordings of and by Roberta Blackgoat, visit the following Web sites:

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SENAA International

Bo Peep's Hogan 

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Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) 

NOTE: If you have a web site with articles about or a tribute page to Roberta Blackgoat, contact SENAA International and give us your URL. We will post a link on this page to your Web site.



When Danny Blackgoat phoned SENAA International to give us permission to publish a memorial page on our Web site, he informed us that surviving family members had set up A memorial fund in Roberta Blackgoat's name. Roberta's daughter, Sheilah Keith, informed Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) of a second fund. 

Each account is intended to help the family meet the immediate financial burden of Roberta's return transportation from San Francisco to her homeland, as well as funeral and burial expenses.

After the funeral expenses have been satisfied, future contributions will be used, in Danny Blackgoat's words, to start a much needed school on the land and "for other things necessary to keep the relocation resistance alive."

SENAA urges all Dine'h supporters who can to please contribute to these important funds as you are able. Help the family honor this great warrior for justice. 

Roberta would want us to continue to support the Black Mesa resistance and work even more diligently toward an end to the struggle and victory for Dine'h resisters. Your contributions to the Roberta Blackgoat Memorial Fund will help toward that end.

Please understand that the primary concern, at this time, is the satisfaction of funeral expenses. After those debts have been paid, all contributions will be directed toward a school and resistance efforts.

The name and address of the banks, the names of the accounts, the routing numbers, and the account numbers are given below: 

Please be sure to include the account name, number, and routing number when making direct deposits or wire transfers.

Both accounts are authorized by Roberta's family..

Account Name: 
Sheilah Keith (Roberta's daughter)

Bank Name and Address:

Phone: 928-779-6308

Routing Numbers.

Direct Deposit: 122105278
Wire Transfer:   091000019

Account No.: 4460919884

Note: Routing number for wire transfer will go to Wells Fargo's central office in Minneapolis and will be routed from there to the bank in Flagstaff.


Account Name: 
Roberta Blackgoat Memorial Fund

Bank Name and Address:

Phone: 928-774-7430

Routing No.: 122105744
(All Transfers)

Account No.  0078383518

These are the ONLY authorized memorial funds in Roberta Blackgoat's name. Please contact SENAA International for confirmation before contributing to any other fund that claims to be a Roberta Blackgoat memorial fund.

Thank you for your continuing support.

SENAA International


Goodnight Roberta Blackgoat

I bow my head to the woman who would not be relocated and instead of
weaving cloth, at 84, she picked up pliers and unraveled fences.

I bow my head to the woman who would not be relocated and instead of
moving into town, at 84, she drove herself in an old pickup truck 33
miles one-way on unpaved roads for water, for phones, for gas, for
news of the world.

I bow my head to the woman who would not be relocated and instead of
telling stories and bemoaning what used to be, at 84, she took up pen
and paper and drew out petitions to stop what she thought was wrong
with the world around her.

I bow my head to the woman whose great-grandparents
taught her relocation of Fort Sumner, and at 84, she flung open her
doors when history came tapping on her window and she did not hide or falter.

She did not lock her door and pretend she was not home.
She dug in and worked for what she believed
And at 84,
She kept these words...
"The Creator is the only one who's going to relocate me."

Goodnight, Roberta Blackgoat.

moon grace

Roberta Blackgoat, February 2000
Photo by Eva Goes, SENAA Sweden
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