Bush Thinks America has Nailed the Final Nail on the Coffin of Indigenous History in the US

UAP Northern Arizona
28 September 2004

The deadline for the Navajo-Hopi Indian Relocation Commission to evict all remaining Dineh residents of the so called, "HPL," was to have taken place in July of 1986. In April of that year, the Big Mountain resistance movement held the 6th Annual Spring Survival Gathering where the late matriarch, Roberta Blackgoat, spoke to the Women's circle. She said, "I don't know what our future holds. We will certainly stay on our lands but someday the federal government will declare Us history. They will take all the elements of our history and put them in a glass case. We must not let that happen. Our religion and ways should never be locked up in some museum and that the indigenous world is declared something of the past."

It is hard to imagine where the original native resistance is headed. Most of indigenous Red Nations have looked towards progress. Recently, when indigenous protestors tried to stop the "Lewis & Clark Reenactment" they were told by a puppet tribal chairman, "Hey, let them be. This is not the old days. (We) are in modern times..." Indian soldiers like "Code Talkers" and service personnel in Iraq are considered real 'warriors.' The poor reservation communities are bombarded with reminders to register to vote and that there is a choice between two great white fathers. Here, in northern Arizona, it is the same. The congressional race has Paul The Pioneer Grabbit-Indian Land versus Red Neck Rick, and the Indians are all driven to choose.

Contrary to the idea of "practice your right to vote," how would someone whose lands has been stolen in the name of mineral interest vote? What about someone whose relatives have all been forcible evicted and lives along with daily threats from the federal BIA police? How would they vote? Who would they choose? Not only are these elders but there are a few who are a bit younger who have been through the hells of the government boarding schools. To add to that experience, they also face relocation and federal harassments through the BIA. No matter who they might have voted for in the past it has always been the same 'pale' faces that have done EVERYTHING for Peabody Western Coal Company!

Now, 20,000 Indians just celebrated the nailing of the coffin at the Native Amerikan Museum in Washington, District of Columbus. Perhaps, majority of the Indian societies have accepted the "reality" of being conquered, and now, we must move forth as Bush stated. "..This museum will now housed the incredible history of your PAST. Also, it will hold your current achievements like the tribal governments..."

Yes, no more hostiles. This reiterates words of the past: 'Kill the Indian and Save the Man!'

Perhaps, the traditional resisters of Black Mesa and elsewhere should just conform and become "Americans."

In the 1970 and 80s, the traditional grandmother resisters of Big Mountain use to say, "(They) can drag me off this land but I will get back up and return to where I was born." These words of leadership have been instilled in some younger minds. The hope is: yes, progress can be great but it should be done without erasing the dignity and sovereignty and not accept the brainwashed thought of being conquered. The nail that Bush and this fellow Feds think is the final nail must be pulled out. The same nail must be taken to the Black Hills and use it to post a note that says, "The Red Nations Will Never Be Conquered!" on G. Washington's forehead.

Meantime, has anyone been paying attention to Nature's weapons of mass destruction? Well, you heard about the hurricanes but where is global warming at? Where it is at is that this one is Man-made and it is going strong. Asteroid 4179 Toutatis that is about a mile and half long and over half mile wide will cruz by Earth on September 29th at 35,000 km per hour. The drought is not only disastrous on Black Mesa but the recreation area at Lake Powell is too low that boat priers and the coal-fired power plant have to chase after the receding water.

Keep your spiritual ways on the ancient path. Remember the Elder teachings that this Path should not be severed by referring to it or accepting it as the past. Honor the Elders in resistance. Honor Mother Earth, Water Spirit and Father Sky.

All Traditional Dineh and Hopi Resisters of Black Mesa for Presidents and Congressional Members!!!

[ Written by Bahe Y. Katenay. Dineh from Big Mountain. (UAP) Unpopular Activist Page 2004]

Reprinted as a historical reference document under the Fair Use doctrine of international copyright law. http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.html