To Whom It May Concern,

     I believe that cemeteries are sacred to religious and spiritual people throughout the world. I believe that people throughout the world honor the sanctity of cemeteries, and believe that human remains should not be broken, crushed or desecrated. I believe that funerary possessions should not be taken from burials, wherever they lie. I stand united with Gabrieliño/Tongva people and say that the Gabrieliño/Tongva cemetery that is within the village known as Saa'anga (archaeological site number CA-LA-62) MUST BE PRESERVED & SAVED.
     I urge Steve Soboroff and the Playa Vista Capitol Corporation to come to the table with the Most Likely Descendent and all parties concerned to talk about options for the preservation of the cemetery.
     I ask that ALL archaeological excavation cease immediately, in order to discuss the preservation of this sacred place. The Riparian Corridor Project must be halted in order to examine alternatives for preservation of the cemetery. I believe that this is a new and significant finding which must be discussed in good faith.
     I am asking Steve Soboroff and the Playa Vista Capitol Corporation to do the right thing, and save the Gabrieliño/Tongva ancestors’ burials from being removed, destroyed, disturbed, and desecrated any further. I ask them to honor the spiritual and religious sensitivity of the Native American community, as well mine.
     I ask Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI) to cease all analyses of burials and funerary objects immediately. I also ask that SRI cease the separation of any funerary objects, human remains, or burial soil which could contain bodily fluids from the ancestors’ burials, as this is in breach of the California State Public Resources Code (PRC). I ask SRI to cease ALL archaeological excavation immediately, as there is no available method of safely removing these fragile burials that does not result in destruction of human remains. Willful destruction of human remains is a federal offense, and I call for the equal protection of Native Americans’ remains.
     Additionally, I am urging the Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Los Angeles to immediately withhold their construction and digging permits, until appropriate mitigation has been established for the capping and preservation of the cemetery. A discovery of this significance was not anticipated in the issuing of Army Corps permit #90-426-EV, and therefore a new or altered permit must be discussed. I call for ALL excavation to temporarily cease in order to discuss the preservation of this sacred site.



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