Peabody Coal Mine Timeline

Arizona Daily Sun 
28 March 2004

1970 -- Southern California Edison and Peabody Energy sign 35-year coal supply agreement, set to expire Dec. 31, 2005.

1998 -- Grand Canyon Trust leads environmental groups in lawsuit against Southern California Edison over emissions problems at Mohave Generating Station.

1999 -- The Trust and Edison reach an out-of-court settlement, Edison agrees to have emissions controls in place by Jan. 1, 2006.

2001 -- Amid concerns over Peabody's use of the N-aquifer for providing to the coal slurry line, the company releases a study that shows no significant harm to the aquifer.

2002 -- Edison files an application with the California Public Utilities Commission seeking on a ruling on the future disposition of Mohave Generating Station.

2002-03 -- Hopis try to secure a deal to get their own coal-fired plant with Reliant Energy, but the deal has since fallen through.

2004 -- Edison still considers shutdown for Mohave, anticipates a temporary closure of the plant that could last in excess of three years and Peabody is advancing work to tap the C-aquifer due to concerns by the Hopi tribe over the N-aquifer pumping.


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