Below you will find a sample letter that you are welcome to use.  Please feel free to personalize your letter with your own comments.  Also, feel free to send a copy of this letter to your favorite newspaper.  

Dear (name of person addressed):

Perhaps you can help me understand why the 1978 Native American Religious Freedom Act is not being respected. This does seem to be the case with those who live on the HPL.  Whatever could be the reason? Deny its use for prayer?  Sundance has taken place at Camp Anna Mae for at least twenty years. Yet now it is fenced off totally, no gate present for entrance, and should someone go over the fence to go to this hallowed ground for prayer, this person is harassed heavily by those armed Hopi Rangers you now have stationed around Camp Anna Mae for "surveillance" purposes.

As I understand it, this constant surveillance of Camp Anna Mae also directly affects the Dine'h living in the area.  They have done nothing illegal, yet they wake to find these armed Rangers present daily. To be blunt, these actions are nothing less than a subtle form of terrorism.

I would very much like to know the reason for fencing in Ruby Bikadee's Sweatlodge grounds, again with no gate for entrance. Is it to deny Katherine Smith and any others who live in the area the right to use it for prayer? Denying elders the right to pray, what a concept. Again, this is a direct violation of the 1978 Native American Religious Freedom Act.

The constant surveillance of armed Hopi Rangers around Camp Anna Mae constitutes harassment of the Dine'h, and all who enter the area.  So is the fencing in of sacred places like the Sweatlodge.  It is beginning to seem more like a police state as the HTC continues such actions.  You have no right to curtail any of the spiritual practices of anyone, including the Dine'h people of the HPL.  No one is above Creator's law.

Respectfully I ask that these current actions be stopped immediately.  Thank you for your time.


(name, address)